GHOST Hydra – (Standard Belt Attachment)


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Only Difference between the Hydra & Hydra S is the design.

Introducing Hydra, the newest addition to the competition race holster line-up by Ghost.

The all-new Hydra provides shooters an option that combines the form and function of a shell holster with the unrestricted draw of a speed holster, creating the best of both worlds.

Utilizing Ghost’s proprietary quick-release trigger guard retention system, the Hydra is designed to firmly cradle and retain the pistol while still allowing a fast, smooth and fluid motion when drawing on-target.

Especially well-suited for competition shooters in IPSC, USPSA and 3-Gun.


Additional features:

Incredible retention system

Perfectly secure

Safe & Easy holstering

Available for the following models:


CZ Shadow 2/SPO1/TSO2, also Tanfoglio Stock 1, 2, 3, LimitedIN STOCK x 1 Right Hand


Tanfoglio Stock 1,2, 3, Limited – Refer to above CZ Shadow 2/SPO1/TSO2

Glock Small Frames including 17, 34, 45. – IN STOCK x 1 Right Hand

1911, 2011 (STI, Atlas, Staccato, SVI, BUL) – IN STOCK x 1 Right Hand

Bul Sas

Sig 320/320×5/226 x5/Legion

Belt Attachment Options:

Quick Release (Clip D)

Standard Belt Attachment


White screws on the holster allow you to adjust for a perfect fit.