GHOST The Thunder Elite 3G Right Hand Holster with CLIP D – 3G Quick Release


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Ghost the Thunder 3G holster with Dervet system is suitable for sport shooting in the categories: 3-Gun, Single Stack, Production and Standard.

Thanks to an aluminium plate, it’s possible to adjust the holster to various angles.

It also guarantees a fast and safe drawing of the gun.

It is made of unbreakable techno polymer, thermoformed for many specific pistol types.

Ghost The Thunder 3G holster is complete with adjustable retention.


  • Quickly and easily remove from your belt.
  • Guarantees fast and safe drawing
  • Perfect for 3-Gun, production and standard sport shooting.


  • We use a premium Techno Polymer that can be thermoformed to fit your pistol design and allows you to customize the retention of your draw.


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