SENTRY XP-6 Extreme 6mm ScopeCoat – Extra Large: 15.5″ Long x 60mm Diameter

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Extra Large: 15.5″ Long x 60mm Diameter

11XP06CB (Coyote Brown)

The SENTRY XP-6™ Extreme Scopecoat® optics covers are designed to offer maximum protection for all service-weapon optics. 

SENTRY Scopecoat® safeguards your optics from dust, dirt, dings, scratches and moisture.

Made from 6MM thick Neoprene a material commonly used in wetsuits, these riflescope covers conform to the shape of the riflescope upon which it is placed.

Our Neoprene/Nylon laminate composition assists in repelling moisture and condensation away from your optic, as well as dirt and debris. This combination helps to protect your optics from the elements and damage when storing in your safe or transporting your weapons to and from the range.   

Features / Specifications:

  • Elongated sides allow complete coverage for tall or tactical turrets.
  • Available in sizes from 8.5″ to 19.5″ and Objective diameters from 40-60MM.
  • 6MM thick Neoprene for maximum protection and durability.
  • Available in – BlackCoyote Brown, Dark Earth, Natural Gear Camo


SENTRY Scopecoat® Selecting the correct size. Scopecoat® protective covers ft a variety of optics. When using the right size to cover your optic measure the overall length and the outside diameter of the scopes objective. Our covers stretch approximately 10% beyond their stated size. This will allow you to better ft a cover to your optic while providing maximum protection.

Measuring Your Optic: Optic sizes are listed by overall length and objective sizes. The length is measured in inches and the objective is measured in millimeters.


Step 1: Measure the overall length of the scope, including the size of the sunshade, if applicable. (Measurement “A”)
Step 2: Measure the outside diameter of the objective in millimeters. The objective end of the scope is the end that you see out of or end furthest from your eye. (Measurement “B”)
Step 3: Measure the turrets (adjustment knobs). We consider turrets 0.75” or more to be “tall turrets” for these models we suggest the XP-6 for complete coverage. (Measurement “C”)

Step 4: Find the Scopecoat® size closest to your optic size below. 

* Standard Scopecoat® protective covers are designed to fit scopes with standard turret heights and the XP-6 covers are designed for tall turrets and added protection *


Small – Length: 8.50″ Diameter: 40mm

Medium – Length: 10.0″ Diameter: 50mm

Large – Length: 12.50″ Diameter: 42mm

Large 50 – Length: 12.50″ Diameter: 50mm

Large 1452 – Length: 14.0″ Diameter: 52mm

Extra Large – Length: 15.50″ Diameter: 60mm

2-XL – Length: 17.50″ Diameter: 60mm

NF – Length: 19.50″ Diameter: 60mm