SHIELD Sights RMSx – 65/2MOA – Glass Lens Edition


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RMSx – Reflex Mini Sight XL Lens – 65ring & 2MOA – Glass Lens Edition

Following on from the success of our tried and tested RMSx, we now offer the same competitive edge and features but with a 65/2 MOA Ring and Dot option.

Requested by members of our factory team, the ring and dot was successfully field tested at the recent Shotgun World Shoot held in Thailand and we are pleased to say it passed with flying colours in the heat and humidity of Asia.

Ideal for use with IPSC Shotgun stages, as well as used in conjunction with our Universal Shotgun Mount for the Clay Target Shooter.

The RMSx is a sight aimed at the competitive shooter, the RMSx was specifically designed to answer a call from the competitive marketplace for a Shield Sight with a larger lens.

The lens is 80% larger than our current Mini-Sight range made from crystal clear toughened glass.

Due to the larger lens, the RMSx will help our shooters to find the dot earlier in many scenarios.

Most commonly when entering or exiting shooting areas and be forced to take shots while not in a stable position, allowing for faster first shot times as the shooter is able to find the dot earlier and to decrease shot-to-shot times by allowing the shooter to stay with the dot during recoil.

The RMSx follows tradition at Shield maintaining the famous Shield Footprint, enabling it to be mounted on to any existing mount or slide cut for our Mini-Sights and is meticulously machined to have a sharp, modern look.

The RMSx will be the first sight to be delivered with our new increased efficiency LED and utilises the proven electronics that have enabled our shooters to fire over 70,000 rounds without any reliability issues.

Following the success of the Shield Customizer, the RMSx will be available in 8 colours and will be available in the most common dot sizes: 4MOA and 8MOA.

With a return rate that is lower than 1% and a 100% customer satisfaction record in a recent survey, Shield Sights proudly stand by their products and most importantly their promise of “once a customer always a customer.”

Do You Have The Right Optics Ready Screw Set?

Some optics ready guns require a different set of screws. Our sight retail packaging includes 2x M4x8mm & 2x M4x10mm screws. If you require any others, please contact