Viper 1911 Single Stack Classic Magazine Holder


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A magazine pouch that is beautifully made and manufactured in Australia by Jim Cohen.

Built to last from top quality material, these magazine pouches are all about functionality.

Manufactured to last a lifetime and a total work of art, this product is a choice you won’t regret.


  • The magazine pouch can be angled, from 0 – 20 degrees either side of vertical.
  • The tension can be adjusted via a spring loaded allen headed screw on the side of the magazine pouch.


  • This Magazine Pouch will fit up to a 1.5″ width belt
  • For thicker belts, longer screws may be required to secure the belt bracket. These are easily obtainable from your local hardware store. The screws are 10 gauge, with 24 threads per inch (3/16 BSW or 3/16 UNC will also fit).